How Your Wellness Clinic
Can Earn An Extra $4,000/Month
With This Inexpensive Device 


Dear Health Clinic Owner,

Would you like to add an extra revenue stream to your business, whilst providing your customers with a highly effective, non-invasive treatment designed to optimise their health?

Over the past 12 months, Infraredi have been working quietly with Health Clinics like yours to bring the amazing health benefits of Red Light Therapy to every city across Australia.

As a business owner, offering RLT sessions to your clients will allow you to earn an extra revenue stream whilst helping your clients achieve a wide range of health benefits. 

How Will Red Light Therapy Help Your Clients?

Red Light & Near Infrared Light Therapy has been shown to assist with anti-aging on our skin, combat neurological disease, fight depression and anxiety, increase fat loss, speed recovery from exercise, improve your sleep, increase strength and endurance, combat certain autoimmune conditions, fight hair loss, and speed healing from injury, all with little to no side effects.

Red Light Therapy works by delivering concentrated waves of red and near infrared light into the skin and the body, which helps to stimulate our Mitochondria (these wavelengths of light are also found in light from the sun).

Mitochondria are like the batteries of our cells, and red light therapy helps to charge them. When our cells are charged they function more efficiently and produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) or energy for our body.

There are over 5,000 clinical trials and thousands of scientists who dedicate themselves to studying Red and NIR light therapy. This is a direct sign of the significant effects this therapy is having in the medical world.

How Red Light Therapy Can Improve Your Clients Health


Improves Skin Health & Helps with Anti-Aging 

RLT has been proven to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, increase collagen, repairs sun damage, treats acne, speeds up wound healing, treats eczema & psoriasis, reduces scars and redness in the skin. 


Decrease Joint Pain, Arthritis & Inflammation

RLT has been proven to decrease inflammation and swelling of the joints, decrease stiffness, reduce aches & pains, improve range of motion and increase cartilage regeneration.


Increase Physical Performance & Muscle Recovery

RLT has been proven to increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation, resulting in faster muscle recovery &  less delayed onset of muscle soreness & fatigue. This results in improved athletic performance. 


Helps To Reduce
Anxiety & Depression

RLT has been proven to improve seasonal affective disorder (AKA SAD), improve anxiety, decrease cortisol levels, therefore reducing stress, helps create a feeling of calmness & balances mood.  


Helps To Increase Testosterone & Decrease Hair Loss 

RLT has been proven to increase sex drive & fertility in men, decreases erectile dysfunction, decreases hair loss, increases muscle mass & bone density & overall helps to increase testosterone. 


Improve Thyroid Function & Hormone Balance

RLT has been proven to improve thyroid function by increasing the secretion of hormones in hypothyroidism. It decreases inflammation in the thyroid, resulting in reduced need for medication.


Improve Sleep Quality & Circadian Rhythm

RLT has been proven to counteract blue light, therefore decreasing cortisol & stimulating melatonin. It also decreases insomnia & creates a regular circadian rhythm, therefore improving sleep quality & latency. 


Aids In Fat Loss &
Reduction of Cellulite

RLT has been proven to help increase fat loss by balancing hormones, increasing lymphatic drainage, reducing appetite & the appearance of cellulite. When used in conjunction with exercise, fat loss is increased.

How Red Light Therapy Can Help Your Health Clinic Grow


Add A New Revenue Stream To Your Health Clinic

By adding a new service for your customers, you instantly add another revenue stream to your existing business. 


Offer Your Customers A New Way To Optimise Their Health

Your customers are always looking for new & effective ways to improve their health with natural and non-invasive therapies. 


10 Minute Session Time Allows Multiple Sessions Per Hour

We recommend each session length is 10-15 minutes, which means you facilitate multiple client sessions in the same hour.


Stand Out From Other Health Clinics In your Area

By offering a unique therapy such as Red & Near Infrared light, you'll stand out from other Health Clinics in your area.

Earnings Potential

Here's an example of the earning potential using an Infraredi Red Light Therapy device in your health clinic.

The price per 10-15 minute session can vary from $20-$65, however you can price each session at the rate you think is fair for your clients. 

Sessions Per Week Price Per SessionEarning Potential
20x$40$800 /week
40x$40$1600 /week
60x$40$2400 /week
80x$40$3200 /week
100x$40$4000 /week

We Offer A Range of Premium Devices For Health Clinics

Infraredi Elite

The all new Infraredi Elite is a mobile Red Light Therapy device that provides the ultimate flexibility for health clinics. It features 210 medical grade LED's that provide both red & near infrared wavelengths of light.

The dynamic built-in stand allows for horizontal or vertical use and can rotate 360 degrees. It's multi-modular design can be used to wrap around the body or head for targeted or full body treatments depending on your preference and treatment needs.


Infraredi Ultra

The all new Infraredi Ultra has almost 3x the coverage area of our Infraredi Max! The Infraredi Ultra is designed for full body treatments across the entire body, such as full front or back of the body.

This device is the ultimate full body setup for a health clinic or fitness studio!


Reviews From Health Clinics

Hear what our current health clinics have to say about their experience with Infraredi devices. 

Kathrine is a beauty therapist
from Redefined

Adrian is a nutritionist
from Fugen Health

Ben is a physiotherapist from Ben's Physiotherapy

Ready To Offer Red Light Therapy In Your Health Clinic?

If you're interested in using Infraredi devices to offer Red Light Therapy sessions in your health clinic, there are a few easy ways to get started!

1If you're happy with a simple setup such as the Infraredi Elite or the Infraredi Ultra with your choice of move stand, you can head over to our Store and checkout anytime. We will ship your order within 48 hours and it will arrive in 5-10 days. We provide free shipping across Australia, and we cover any GST & Import Fees. The price you pay at checkout is the final price!


2If you're after a custom setup to suit your customers specific requirements, please reply to our original email and we will work with you to create the perfect setup. Once the setup is finalised, we will ship your order within 48 hours and it will arrive in 5-10 days. We provide free shipping across Australia, and we cover any GST & Import Fees. The price you pay at checkout is the final price!


Health Clinics & Gyms Using Infraredi Devices

There are many Health Clinics, Salons & Gyms across Australia using the Infraredi Devices to provide high quality Red Light Therapy Sessions to their customers.  

When you use an Infraredi Device in your clinic, we feature you on our website and promote your business to our visitors.